Joh 10:27  My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

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Born Again to Fight


Experience Petes' journey from the hills in Tasmania to the war torn country of Uganda and hear him recount his battles with the Rosicrucian witches and the witch doctors and false Prophets of Africa.
Which was only a warm up to the biggest struggle of all. The Deliverance of a high Priestess from multiple Principalities and Powers and the ensuing war with the Satanic coven, that was right on his doorstep.
From the curses to the astral projection and the battles in the night, Pete explains how the Lord Jesus Christ prepared him to fight the good fight. And how he was refined with the fire and taught to stand, almost from the day of his salvation.
Be amazed as he recalls the mountains and the valleys of his walk, and not to mention the victories, that were many and are still coming..


Do you hear from God?

Jesus says you should.

 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 
                                                       John 10:27

There are many ways God can speak.

1/ Hearing From God, Intro.
Are you hearing from God. If you are born again you should be. Here are the different ways God speaks and some of the things that block His voice.


2/ Hearing From God, The Word.
Jesus is the Word made flesh. If we want to hear from Him the best place to start is His Word.

3/ Hearing, Still Small Voice.
God speaks with a still small voice. We need to know and understand this otherwise we are missing so much of His counsel, direction and guidance and much more for our life.

4/Hearing, Dreams, Visions, Pictures.
God will speak using Dreams, open visions and pictures. Although some may have clear meaning He will give many in the form of parables and need interpretation. Which brings us to rely on Him for that. Exactly where He wants us. So don't ignore the visions of the night. They may be very important to you.


5/Hearing, Audible voice
You may hear an audible voice. God certainly can use this way to get His message to us. But what do we if we do hear this?

6/Danger of Prophecy
God will speak through men using Prophets and the gifts of Prophecy and Words of Knowledge. But the trouble is that it has to come through men. And not all men have the good of the hearer in their motives.

7/Hearing from God, Angels
Angels are around us, good and bad. But if we start looking and following those who have had encounters, or look for them ourselves, we can be deceived. As others have been.

Hearing God in Various Ways.
There are many ways God speaks. Some of these are common but overlooked or disregarded often. Are we missing Him when He's speaking?

Blockages and Hindrances, Deceptions and Delusions.
God speaks more than we know. But if there are blockages in our life then we will never hear Him or we can't discern that His voice maybe mingled with the enemies.

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