IPro 4:7  Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. 
Pro 4:8  Exalt her, and she shall promote thee: she shall bring thee to honour, when thou dost embrace her. 
Pro 4:9  She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee. 

Tasmania, Your Time is Now.

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There are Strongman demons over everything. Even the Churches. 

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Saul walked in impatience and rebellion and ended up seeking out witchces for his knowledge. God removed the anointing and placed it on David. The current christian system is in overhaul. Davids, come out from the caves and arise.

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Build on the Rock.
The sand will swallow you up.

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Strong man over the church in Hobart is LEVIATHAN. 
Many who fall into their pools, become a statistic,

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We need the meat from God and His Word. Not the half fake poisonous junk from the internet.

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Beware the courts of Heaven. 
God is the Judge and Jesus the Mediator. 
Go to Him. 
The courts these people speak of are in the second Heaven. They are teaching demonic astral projection. DANGEROUS!!!

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Do You live with snakes in the room? Time to clear them out!!!

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We all need understanding. No good will come from staggering around in the darkness thinking that all will be OK. Our luke-warmness and apathy toward the things of God will drag us down and put us out of the game.  Eternal Life or Eternal Damnation is the result. Which one will you have.

True Restoration is Coming.

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Now is the time for My people to be delivered.

Now is the time for the enemy to take flight and flee.

For just and righteous men have risen up and heeded to the call of my voice.

Uncertainty will trouble the world, but not my true people.

Those who are Mine will stand with a song of praise on their lips, and a sword in their hands.

Like Nehemiah was sent to build the walls,

so I am sending many to restore the ruins of My church.

There will be resistance, and it may at times be rebellion,

But I have ordained this time for things to be righted that have lain in ruins for too long.

As the walls of the enemy fall, through the prayers that are being prayed, like never before in this time of trouble, the darkness is being dispersed by the light.

The ways of the righteous are repairing and the chains of bondage to unrighteousness and rebellion are breaking.

The light is springing forth.

No longer will I accept the halfhearted offerings of those who say they are mine.

They have become a stench in my nostrils, but even those are beginning to see this.

I will turn things around quickly.

There is peace coming for a season. Not to be taken lightly.

It is for the advancement of My Kingdom.

Redeem the time while you can.

Peter McMaster

Tasmania Prophetic Word.
Given 7/1/2020

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 In the name of Jesus Christ.

 The fires that burn in Australia are nothing compared to the fire I have lit. 

It will burn with such intensity that all presumed authority and every stage on which it stands will be dissolved to ashes.

I will set fire upon mens egos, particually those in the body of Christ, and the offending chaff will be no more. I will make the large small and the small shall become mighty. 

 Tasmania, you will become a talking point, and a place many will come to, to see the fire that burns here. For I will make the rough things smooth and the crooked things straight. 

 The witchcraft that is being pushed in this place will be effectivly dismantled and the powers above will have nothing to feed on. They say He does not see, but I see all. 

I will come like a mighty wind and remove all things that are merely noise makers, and replace with the sound of trumpets. The voices of the called out ones. 

Repentance shall sweep the land and Tasmania will be the last that has become first. 

Watch, for I the Lord will do this and it will happen quickly. 

 The time for sitting on the fence is over. The time for facing the enemy has come. And these who do so will do mighty exploits. 

 Many wicked have tried to set a foundation under this place that is not from Me. I will tear it to pieces and the foundation will be made from the prayers of the saints and the Word of God. 

 I the Lord have said this, and I will do it. Watch. 

 Peter McMaster

We as believers, must learn to take our thoughts captive. Here is a testimony that shows you why.


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Learn how to pray to defeat the devil and his demons in your life. Break curses and all witchcraft that is sent against you and get them on the run.

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Right click and "Save link as" to download
PDF files. 


Should we use anointing oil in healing and deliverance? The Bible says we should. And for other things also. Amazing testimony here.

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Returning Witchcraft curses. I say yes. 

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Do you think that we can be saved and walk in sin and keep our salvation. The Bible says we cannot. If you believe that then you are in a lot of trouble. Click link below. 


Also see video.

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If you are born again then you have entered a war. Satan wants our souls. And he has many ways of deceiving us into agreement with him. Many ways.
Once we open the doors to the devil by sin then we give legal right for demonic spirits to enter. But you say,
"Christians can't have demons"
This is another error that is deadly to believe.


Learn the difference between the conviction of sin by the Holy Ghost and the Condemnation of the Devil. They are different things. 


What is meant by the wilderness for the believer? All Believers will face it one day. Will you get through to victory and the promised land or turn back to your perceived safety? 


Also see video

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To get through the testing, we need to hear from God. He does speak. Are you listening?


Hearing from God videos.

Fasting will bring a spiritual strength that you need to gain the victories. What does it do for us?


Also see video.
Fasting 1-40 days.

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Satan will try to discourage, distract and destroy. What can we do to to ward him off. 

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